Thursday, August 26, 2010

MTV to Create Kell TV?

Best known for telling it as it is on the hit MTV reality show "The City" and the star of her own Bravo reality show, fashion guru Kelly Cutrone is rumored to star in yet another reality show, revolving around her on MTV.

Even though her own show "Kell on Earth" had a successful first season, it has not been picked up for a second. Just recently she tweeted, "Who has a new deal at MTV? Hmmmm, could it be Kelly C ?!!!! I think so."

No one from MTV has confirmed or denied the rumors about the show, however sources say she will be heading to LA at the end of the month to pitch a fashion-based show for the network. I guess she saw the huge success of both "The Hills" and "The City" and she wants in.

I don't blame her. I love reality television and in the past year tons of fashion-based reality shows have been following the success of "Project Runway," "The Rachel Zoe Project" and "America's Next Top Model." So I won't be surprised if the show debuts in the new year and blows up.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Also MTV, can Liipstik get a show? I think we have lives made for TV. Just saying...


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