Friday, September 17, 2010

The Blake

Young Hollywood starlet, Blake Lively, has a new addition to her closet. Her own custom-made shoe made by none other that Christian Louboutin, himself.

Earlier in the week Blake visited "Live with Regis and Kelly" in NYC and gushed about the experience. While in Paris filming the new season of the series the "Gossip Girl" star visited the Christian Louboutin atelier, where she fell in love with a pair of strappy heels. When Lively expressed her for the shoe saying, “I wanted to sleep with it under my pillow every night," Mr. Louboutin named the shoes "The Blake."

The 23-year-old blonde bombshell joins models Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, who have had the honor of high-end fashion houses naming products after them. The two have have Hermes bags named in their honor.

Is there anyone who won't fall in love with Blake? First it was Anna Wintour, then Karl Lagerfeld and now the world's best shoe designer. Oh the luck. Maybe in a few years a shoe will be named in our honor, "The Liipstik." What do you think?? A girl can dream can't she. Check out Mr. Louboutin showing off the shoe below.


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