Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Music -- Sammie "Slow"

It's not quite Friday but this smooth track should be able to hold you over until then. I have been a fan of Sammie since the tender age of 13 when he came out with "I like" I bought the album and knew all of the lyrics. I think he is such a talent and I've loved his new single "Slow" for a few months. Anything Sammie puts out I always support mainly because he makes good music and he has such an AMAZING voice! Aside from the the fact that dude is hella sexy, this track is definitely a baby maker and can get anyone in the mood. Because this joint is a certified banger there is no video that can do it justice in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I liked the video but I felt more could be done visually to match the tempo of the song. Either way I'm sure you'll love this song as much as I have considering I've watched the video 5 times today lol can't get enough of sexy chocolate, yum!! Anyways enjoy!!



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