Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Feed the Models -- Crystal Renn's Gluttony in Vogue Paris October Issue!

So initially when I saw these pictures I had mixed emotions mainly because I liked the concept and colours but the execution to me was flawed. Crystal Renn is one of my fave models, so this is definitely not about her, its more so about the underlying message that this editorial is conveying.

I think its quite obvious where the photographer was going with this shoot and maybe it was to garner some buzz because this was done for Vogue Paris' 90th anniversary issue. In my opinion, being controversial was definitely the aim but in the end who do these images affects? Yea we can chalk it up to self expression and art but by perpetuating stereotypes about full figured women this doesn't do anything to build their self esteem if anything I think it brings them down.

Despite being involved in such a controversial photo shoot, Crystal delivers, looking absolutely stunning and rocking some jewels that I would definitely love to get my hands on!!



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