Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LeBron's "Rise" To the Top

Nike just released a LeBron James commercial called "Rise." The ad is mainly based on the drama James faced during the off season with his controversial decision to trade in his Cavs jersey to join Wade and Bosh in Miami. The video makes us think about what Lebron should do; Should he do what he wants and we love him for it or should he listen to everyone and be what they want him to be.

I love the video becasue even though it is about something pretty serious in his young career, it still is very much LeBron. HILARIOUS! I was laughing so hard. Lebron loves to play dress up and make fun of himself.

It doesn't have anything to do with fashion directly, but the meaning behind the video can be applied to fashion and a person's personal sense of style. Should we follow trends by the "t" and follow all fashion rules even though it may not flatter us or dress and style ourselves in what we love.

Make you think huh?

Watch and think.


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