Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Liipstik Approved -- Young Hollywood Edition

Over the weekend in the Hollywood hills, young starlets and studs gathered for the 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party sponsored by Michael Kors. Their October Issue cover boy, Justin Beiber wasn't there, but plenty of teen celebs were in full effect.

The focus of the night was on young Hollywood and their fashion, so you would expect to see a lot of kids having fun with fashion. Not the case at this party. What I found is a lot of girls dressed a lot older than their age and didn't look like they were really expressing themselves and having fun. For once I wish Willow Smith was there, only because she is the key example of a kid having fun with fashion. I know she is a bit crazy, but she is having fun exploring and playing dress up and you can't be mad at her. Fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself.

Not all the teens dressed like old ladies. Some looked super cute and hip. But the one who stood out to me was Kendall Jenner, one of the younger Kardashian sisters. She looked s0o0o cute in her white Alice + Olivia blouse with a black bow tie, paired with a green H&M drappy skirt with a black waistband and a cute pair of oxfords. Her hair was cute and her makeup wasn't over done. She had a fresh, young face to go with her look. Kendall looked so age appropriate and cute as a button. She's our Liipstik approved look of this event.

** Doesn't she kind of look like a young Brooke Shields, like back in her Blue Lagoon days. I kind of see a little bit of a little resemblance. Who knows.


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