Friday, October 1, 2010

TGIFF -- Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday

For the month of October, every Friday Liipstik will feature some great fashion tips and advice in our `Thank Goodness It`s Fashion Friday`post.
To make sure you stay warm and fashionable in the next coming cold months, This Friday we`re telling you about the `Art of Layering.`

It`s sweater dressing season, and we`re going to give you the three main points to remember when dressing in layers for the fall and winter season.

1. Chunky & Heavy Knits

Chunky and heavy knits are a huge fashion hit for the season. A huge chunky sweater, scarf or hat can really add something to your look. Not to mention keep you nice and warm. If your skeptical about wearing a heavy knit sweater and scarf because you think it will make you look fat, the easiest way to add a piece of chunky knits to your wardrobe is a thick, knit scarf or my favourite for the season a snood.

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It`s an easy addition that you can literally take on and off without manipulating your whole look.BOYS AND GIRLS -- GET A SNOOD!

snood -- topshop $32

Missoni -- Pre-Fall 2010

Michael Kors -- Fall/Winter 2010

2. Mix and match

In general a lot of people are afraid to mix patterns, fabrics and textures just in fear of looking like a clown. But for fall layering, it works in your favor. It`s all about comfort though. Don`t go piling on 3 cardigans, a crew neck, thermal, scarf and hat all in one outfit. Make it all practical. For example, pair a cute silk cami, with a cashmere cardigan and scarf. And if you`re stepping outside and it`s a bit chilly, throw on a thick knit over.

Alice and Olivia -- Fall/Winter 2010

Rodarte -- Fall/Winter 2010

Rag and Bone -- Fall/Winter 2010

The same goes with textures and colours. This season faux fur accents are key, so a faux fur vest over a cute sweater can work. As well as mixing keys fall colour hues. Camels, browns and khakis are the biggest colour trend for the fall and winter, so don`t be afraid to incorporate them with some colour accents like; navy blue, deep yellow, dark purple and greys.

Pieces from H&M Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

3. Make it all look EFFORTLESS

Nothing is sexier than someone who looks fashionable and well styled, especially when it all looks like they didn`t try at all. It`s not cool to literally look like you combined all the seasons trends all in one outfit.It`s not cute at all.

So do what works for you when layering and make sure you`re comfortable. The most important thing in fashion is that you`re showing your own flare, and personal sense of style. Confidence is the best layer of all!

Now you have the tools to dress for success for the season, you can enjoy the weather looking fab!



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