Friday, October 1, 2010

Tyra Has Gone GaGa

One of fashion's biggest supermodels has gone MAD!!!

Last night in Paris, French Vogue held their 90th Anniversary party with a cool masquerade theme. Of course celebs were in full attendance dressed in the fun theme, like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss. The biggest news maker of the evening was Miss. Tyra Banks and her very fishy creation.

The America's Next Top Model host and creator had troubles finding a mask for the festivities tweeting earlier in the day, "So, when I couldn't find a mask for FRENCH VOGUE 90th ANNIVERSARY Masquerade Party. I made my own!"

And what did she create?? A fishnet stocking over her face as a mask! She paired it with a black Roberto Cavalli gown. Part of me likes it because it's very fashion forward and taking a risk, but the other part of me is a bit scared! I do love the look. It's unique.

I can see some girls trying to pull this off during Halloween. Do you like Tyra's webby creation?? Let us know.

Do you like Tyra's webby situation?
NO! She should have left the craziness to Gaga
YES! and where can I get one? free polls


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