Friday, October 15, 2010

TGIFF -- Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday

So, I know it's a bit late for this week's edition of "Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday" but it is with good cause.

This morning I had a fashion emergency and needed to fix it. What was my fashion dilemma? I found myself running out of key basics and essentials in my wardrobe and I needed to re-up. So I went shopping with liipstik lover, P.R. I was going to hit up H&M, Zara and the usual store for the basics. But we had to make a few stops before we went to the mall.

Low and behold, we hit up Bathurst and Bloor to go to my FAVOURITE store as a kid, Honest Ed's! Yes, all kids with parents fresh from the islands went to Honest Ed's. And I was one of them! And being in there brought me back so many memories as a kid and reinforced one of my mom's fashion rules: You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look good!

The best thing about fashion is fashionable bargains! I love it when I know I spent a fraction of the cost on an item and someone tells me I look fabulous. And when I tell them I got it for a good deal, they go bananas! I'm not saying I get everything in my closet on sale, at a yard sale or at a vintage store. But you can get some essentials and one-of-a-kind items at these corky spots. And not only that you can find a lot of basics for great D.I.Y (do it yourself projects) and you can't get that made if it goes wrong the first time or so because you paid close to nothing for it!

Today, for our edition of TGIFF you're Liipstik's favourite 3 hot spots in the city for fashionable bargains. READ MORE to find out...

1. Value Village--
The best things for one-of-a-kind buys. Not to mention a goldmine for vintage finds. If you love fashion and you have the patience to look through racks and rack of clothes, go for it. It is the best place to really put together unique look that you know everyone didn't get from the mall. Liipstik loves Value Village because it's really a place to explore and take your fashion imagination to the next level. Not to mention you can get some great vintage gear. You might need to take it in to get altered,, but it's still a deal. My favourite things to get from Value Village, accessories!!

2. Honest Ed's --
Like I said earlier I have loved the place since I was little. You can literally find ANYTHING there! It's the perfect place to find fun arts and crafts find for D.I.Y projects. Today I bought 2 packs of t-shirt, some lace, studs, glue gun, fake leather gloves, socks, a bow tie and a PURPLE WIG. It's a secret what it is all for, but I will be making some fun stuff. It was all $40!

Not to mention you can get all your essentials. Socks, white v-necks and a million things more! Mom thanks for showing me the spot.

3. Dollerama--
If you can find a pregnancy test for $1.25, you can get anything here! DON'T GET YOUR PREGNANCY TESTS FROM THERE, but I'm just saying you can get some stuff at a great price. I can spend the whole day in that store and I'm not even kidding! It's not only because you can get all the candy you want for $1 buck, but like Honest Ed's, the amount of crafts available for D.I.Y projects is insane. I really can't begin to tell you the bargains available, but I can tell you a bit of my accessories were created via some Dollerama tools.

ahah go out and explore the joys of BARGAIN SHOPPING. Tell us what you find at


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