Friday, October 8, 2010

TGIFF -- Thank Goodness It's Fashion Friday

This is the second edition of “TGIFF: Thank Goodness it’s Fashion Fridays”

We are well into the autumn season and in the middle of transforming our closet from out fun and flirty summer wardrobe to get ready for fall fashions. And here today we’re going to give you,” Liipstik’s Top 5 Got-to-Grabs” for Fall/Winter 2010.

1. Camel Tones

Camel tones are the new black for this fall/winter season. Deep nudes, khaki, browns, beige are the colours you want to add in your wardrobe for the cold seasons. Camel tones are simple to work with because they simply go with any colour and even camel accents are easy to add and subtract from an outfit.

At Chole’s fall/winter 2010 show, no outfit was seen without a hint of the it colour for the fall. From booties and coats to pants and blouses there was a splash of browns on every piece in the collection. We suggest, if you’re not a fan of the colour start off small with a pair of camel toned shoes and then work your way up!

(Photos from Fall/Winter Chole, Prada and D&G)

For more of Liipstik's Top 5 Got-to-Grabs for this season, read more!!

2. Military Attention -- Combat Boots

The military trend for the spring/summer has continues into the fall and winter season. Well it would only be a gradual progression because it was a hit in the summer. For this season’s installation of military inspired looks, Liipstik’s number one pick are combat boots! We have loved this look since last fall/winter season and noticed a few people embracing the trend now. But this fall winter, expect to see more people in their leather combat boots. This trend is so big this fall, my one-year-old nephew has a pair!! Get yours! Easiest way to achieve this is with a pair of classic Dr Martens.

3. Faux Fur

BURRRRRR!!! It’s cold in here. There must be something in the atmosphere!

That’s right, it’s just something we like to call fall and winter. And to make sure you stay warm, add some faux fur trims and accents to your closet. And for the animal lovers, it’s all With a fur vest, you can transform a day time look into something hip for a night out on the town. If you’re not ready for the full fur trend, add for trims to your look. Like fur trims on your boots, or jackets. It’s a good way to add chic and glam to any look.

(Photos from Fall/Winter Chole, Chanel, D&G and Marc Jacobs)

4. Leopard Accents

Usually I am not the biggest fan of leopard print, but this season I find myself intrigued by it. Maybe it’s because it incorporates camel tones or what, but I’m loving leopard accents for my wardrobe. It’s a fun print to work with and if executing correctly it can work. Not leopard from head to toe, PLEASE!!! That just scream tacky!! But to work in the leopard print trend add little pieces here and there. Like a leopard print scarf, cardigan or pair of pumps. Something simple to add a little flare to your outfit. (Pictured leopard at D&G)

5. Chunky Knits

Last week during TGIFF, layering was the topic of discussion. And the number one key to layering was adding chunky knits to your fit. And today it’s an essential got-to-grab for the fall. I said it once and I’ll say it again, you need this is your closet. Not only because it will keep you nice and warm, but because it’s key for layering. It can really add something to your outdoor look. And if you don’t want the huge sweater, throw in a huge knitted scarf. SNOOD!!!!! (Pictured knits at Rag&Bone)

If you don’t already have these top 5 got-to-grabs in your closet, go get them NOW!


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