Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes -- Ron Dias "Stay Dreamin" Video

Here are some behind the scenes shots from a music video that we styled for our homie Ron Dias for his his single "Stay Dreamin''" featuring the beautiful Nellie! We had fun on set as per usual lol there was never a dull moment! Special shot outs go to Nicole Stiletto for doing Nellie's make-up, Brenda (Director), Akil, WolF, M7 photography, Anaya Hayes, Luu Breeze, Crisshotem, and Joe Gunner!! Can't wait for the vid to drop, look out for Ron Dias' album "Way Past Love" which drops Nov 23rd!!

Oh yea, and check the track below!

Liipstik w/ Brenda and Nellie D
WolF and Ron Dias
Ron w/ Toronto rapper Luu Breeze

Nellie D
Marvin of M7 Phoography
WolF x Brenda

Man of the hr Ron Dias



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