Friday, November 5, 2010

Collection Exclusive: The "Insides" of Ana Locking

At Liipstik, we always bring you the top and exclusive fashion news right here on a daily basis. And today is no exception. We have a fashion collection exclusive hailing from Spanish designer Ana Gonzalez and her line Ana Locking .

We had a special insiders look into the spring/summer 2011 collection and boy is it hot! From the clothes to the accessories, everything is down to a 't' with perfection. We love this collection so much, we had share it with our Liipstik crew!

The collection is call "Insides" and it has a very significant meaning. Ana Gonzalez says, "There´s a part of me in all of my collections, each of them reflect my worries and personal fears, parts of my being." And nothing could be more true about the spring/summer 2011 Ana Locking line. It's literally just that, the INSIDES. The prints are actually photographs of the insides of human beings taken by a microscope. The fabrics and materials are decorated with images of muscle tissues, leukocytes, red corpuscles and tendons. She says it's a paradox, covering the outside with the insides.

Photo: Image of microscopic image of inside the human body

Ana debuted her line, Ana Locking, in 2008 and since then has been wowing the fashion world and critics with her in-depth, artistic and unique designs. With her first collection, Reentry’ FW08-09, Ana won the L’Oreal Paris Award for the Best Collection from the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. And since then she has not quit with her show stopping designs.

Photo: Designer Ana Gonzalez

All I can say it's HOT! The fact that the patterns from the collection are images from inside of the human body is even more fascinating. It's so innovative and creative and takes the normal spring and summer prints to a new level. We're use to seeing eccentric animal prints or florals for the warmer fashion seasons, but human cells and muscle tissue, never that. Who would have thought it would look so gorgeous and fashionable. It just takes fashion to a new level.

From the shoes, to the dresses, to the jackets it's all standouts. The shoes are stunning the whole collection is a HIT! Not only are the patterns unique, but the clothes themselves are very tailored and structured. Even the colour scheme of the line makes scene with the theme. The pale skin, deep bloody reds, white and black lace all symbolize the body. GREAT concept.

This spring/summer 2011 collection is like nothing we seen from designers from all the fashion weeks this past September and October. And for that reason, it's Liipstik Approved.

Check out some of our favourite pieces below and for more info on Ana Gonzalez and to see from her line Ana Locking and the spring 2011/summer collection visit her site.


Lacquered cherry tangledpearl maxi-necklace

Muscle print jacket and trouser

Leather and muscle printplatform sandal

Blood print jacket
Blood print dress

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