Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diary of a Fab Stylist -- VV Brown "Best I ever had" Cover

So I'm having one of those random days where only a certain song can tame my crazy and today's track is Euro sensation VV Brown's "Best I ever Had" cover. The 26 year old beauty is best known in North America for her track "Shark in the water" and her signature hairstyle. I'm completely obsessed with her maybe because I can feel her through her music, I think she is super talented and stays true to who she is regardless of where she is. Something about her vibe is very refreshing to me, and she always looks funky and fun plus she has the cutest British accent lol. Anyways I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did because she clearly killed the track having a random jam session on her bed lol. Loves!!



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