Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lookbook Loving for Lanvin

Earlier, we showed you the exclusive fashion show for the Lanvin collection for H&M. Now we have the images from the women's lookbook as well.

Just as the fashion show brought a smile to your face, so will the lookbook images and the clothes. They are simply gorgeous. The garments look high fashion, unique and very fashion forward. The fabrics, colours and textures of the collection all flow and collectively create a fun, hip and egdy line representing both the Lanvin and H&M brands. I swear if I didn't know it was made for H&M, I would just think the pieces were part of a regular Lanvin collection.

The best thing about the collection is it's affordable. And instead of me dreaming about the dresses, shoes, accessories and everything else in the collection, I can have them right in my closet.

Too bad I have to wait till the 20th. Till then I will keep on dreaming! And then my fantasy will become a reality. ahahahahah

Stay tuned because tomorrow we're going to tell you about our Liipstik Approved looks for the exclusive collaboration collection!!


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