Friday, December 17, 2010

All I Want For Christmas ... IPod Slap Bracelet

Christmas is only a week away and if you still are looking for some great gift ideas or some stocking stuffers here is a great gift for the music lover in your life. It's the slap bracelet for the iPod Nano.

Please say you remember what a slap brecet is. Well for those who don't remember, they are the bracelets from elementary school that were straight and as soon as you slap it on your wrist it would wrap around to form a bracelet. Well whether you remember or not, the slap bracelet for the new iPod nano is a total throw back to the good old days.

The bracelet is made by Griffin and is a memory-metal wristband wrapped in a soft colourful silicone that fits snug around your wrist. It's a great steal at only $25! It's a great gift because not only is it a cool bracelet, it is a great way to secure you iPod around your wrist all day for easy access to your music and everything else you love to do with you iPod. It can even be a cool watch. It's a great gift for the runner in you life, it has easy access for your earphone jack, it is easy to control the volume and sits on their wrist as the run. PERFECT!

This is a perfect gift! I would want one in every colour! Come on, they can go with every outfit! I can see this on every Liipstik freshmen out there and their lady Liipstik lovers . It is combination of a fashion throwback and today's fashion. It has a modern twist because of the iPod and that's why I love it. This is definitely on the Christmas wish list.

To get your hand on one, click here.


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