Thursday, December 16, 2010

Liipstik Fab -- Kim Davis "It Can't be Over" Video shoot

Hey Liipstik Loves! Here are some behind the scenes pics from a video we styled a few months ago for Juno nominated R&B singer Kim Davis! The shoot took place over two days and we were on set for very long hours but we all tried our best to have fun while still getting the job done! Kim was a pleasure to work with because she was so sweet and down to earth. The video was for "It can't be over" off her Live, Love, Learn album which is available on Itunes and is A-MAZING! Special Thanks goes to:

Kim Davis
Jonny Roxx
Naphtali (Director)
Nicole Stiletto (Make-up)
Crystal (Hair)
CC (Dress Designer)

Kim looking stunning in the custom-made CC dress (Yes I know the pic is blurry lol)

Kim and her leading man Toronto rapper Johnny Roxx

Kim preparing to shoot the second scene

We love your smile!

C fixing Kim's hair

Kim looking fab getting ready for the next shot!

Fresh Faced and Fab! C x Dani fooling around in between takes!



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