Friday, December 31, 2010

Liipstik's Top Fashion Makers of 2010 -- Willow Smith

This little bundle of fashion comes courtesy of Hollywood power couple, Jada and Will Smith. It’s their youngest child, dear little Willow. You know you have made it in the fashion industry until you experienced your first fashion scandal and during the 2010 AMAs this 10-year-old got her first taste of controversy. The little fashionable diva wore a gray jumper paired with black slouthcy boots and a yellow ruffled harness. She thought the ensemble was one-of-a-kind and specially made for her, but turns out it was a knockoff of a Mother of London design. No worries though, in true fashionista style Willow bounced back and her fashion sense has bloomed.

Several weeks ago, the tween debuted her new haircut which was a major hit. The best thing about the "Whip My Hair" singer is she dresses her age and is having fun literally throwing on anything, just like all 10-year-olds. She has fun with colours, textures and of course her hair. When I was 10, I wish my mom let me have as much fun with fashion as she is.

Willow is a fashion force to watch in the new year and for her keen eye for fashion she's Liipstik's Fashion Rookie of the Year for 2010.

Check out some of Willow's fun and cooky outfits from 2010.


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