Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diary of a Fab Stylist -- "Ink My Whole body I don't give a Mutha#$%*"

So yesterday I posted about my love for tattoo's and was so inspired by the images that I decided to increase my tattoo collection! Yayyyy Me!! Lol. Me and my boy X decided to head down to his fave tattoo parlour Ink and get some ink done, now as previously mentioned I'm scared of needles but I'm not that scared of tattoo's. Please do not get me wrong I writhed in pain and made ugly faces but for the most part I didn't hurt THAT bad. I decided to get "Honour" on my ring finger which represents my respect for the institution of marriage and the fact that whoever puts a ring on my finger better honour me as their equal counterpart. I got "Order My Steps" on the inside of my foot and that represents God setting up my future the way he wants it reminds me to put him first in all that I do and he will continue to open doors for me. So now I'm at 5 tattoo's total and I would say I'm kind of addicted I'm already planning #6 and #7. After I get those tatts I think I'll be done, I'm running out of ways to hide em lol. Below are pic's of my adventure from last night, thanks X!!
And we wait....
Boredom strikes as Tito draws up my tatts so X and I start clowning!

A few of X's tattoo's

X snackin' on some gummies
Tatting my foot
My Tattoo artist Tito clowning around! LOL



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