Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FreshMen -- Louis Vuitton Mens S/S 2011

“It’s a rhapsody of three virtual scenarios for a digital bohemian, a man who travels the world from behind his computer screen.”-Paul Helbers

That statement from Paul Helbers the studio director, described the direction in which fashion house Louis Vuitton had chosen to go when creating the bags for the S/S 2011 mens collection. The collection still maintained its staples the weekend bag and shoulder bag but also added a few designs to the mix to appeal to different kind of men. A lot of men don't really do the whole "murse" (man purse) thing but I feel like Louis Vuitton is showing that you can have a nice bag and it doesn't have to look feminine.

The distressed "Articles de voyage" denim shoulder bag is one of my faves and is definitely a new edition to the brands classic collection. The black "Utah" bag with the tribal tattooed inspired monogram on the front is another Liipstik fave because it is masculine yet very fashionable, versatile well crafted and sleek! Which bag caught your eye Freshmen?



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