Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Supermodel "Love"

Guess which two supermodels were caught in a lip lock on the cover of "Love" magazine? It is none other than Kate Moss and transgendered model Lea T.

This is the fifth issue of the mag and the pair were shot by Mert & Marcus. To go along with the racey cover it has a killer title to match "This is Hardcore." And boy it's really hardcore alright. The cover is for the mag's androgyny issue, which explains Kat's fierce look. What do you think of the cover?

For the fifth issue, there is also another cover featuring Canadian cutie pie Justin Bieber. I wonder how Biebs cover for the androgyny issue will look. Can't wait to see. The issues hit newsstands on February 7th.

P.S Happy belated birthday Kate Moss. On the 16th the supermodel, style star, topshop desinger and mom turned 37-years-old. Congrats and what a way to celebrate.


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