Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Karl's Coke

For the fashion lover who has everything, what more can you get them to add to their list of lovely style? Well how about some Karl Lagerfeld Coke and in true fashionable style it's diet of course.

It's no secret that Karl has lots of love for Diet Coke. Ten years ago, the fashion legend shed about 90 pounds eating stewed vegetables and drinking only Diet Coke. And since then Karl has been professing his love for the soft drink. It's said that he only drinks the diet beverage and has a private Diet Coke Butler.

Now he has taken his love a bit further. Lagerfeld has already designed a bottle for Diet Coke and in June 2011 his new round of limited-edition Diet Coke bottles will be released. There are three bottles designs and the collection is called "Love It Light" and features his one-of-a-kind ponytail silhouette.

The bottles will be sold separately and also in collector's boxes. Really I wonder how long it took Karl to lose the 90 pounds on the Diet Coke diet. Of course it is totally not a very healthy way to shed some excess weight, but hey I need a quick fix for my vacation that's happening in 40 DAYS!!!!!


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