Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toronto LG Fashion Week -- Day 2

The Heritage Court in Exhibition Place is a full day of fashion and fun today. I wish I had the guts to play hookie from work to catch the afternoon shows. But unfortunately I won't get the chance. WOMP!

Tonight some of the Canadian fashion industry heavyweights will be hitting the runway. My fave Canadian fashion power couple Joseph Mimran, Joe Fresh Creative Director, and his wife Kim Newport-Mimran, President and Creative Director of Pink Tartan, have back-to-back shows. How cute! Fashionably in LOVE!!! And closing the the runway for the night is Bustle design team, Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow.

Fashion funny story time! On Saturday afternoon, I was on the 501 streetcar (aka the Queen streetcar for all the non-Toronto readers) and as I looked out the window, around the Queen and Broadview area, I SWEAR I seen Shawn Hewson sitting on a bench chatting away on his phone. My face was totally pressed up against the glass, like a little kid at the pet store looking at puppies. I was super tempted to get off the streetcar and see if he wanted to take a picture and chat a little about his upcoming collection, but then reality set in. I got a call from my boss asking why I wasn't at work yet!!! **hard sigh** That's the one time I wish I didn't answer my phone.

Next time Shawn, next time. Maybe tonight I will have a 5 second chance. *Cross fingers!*

Here's what is on for the fashion schedule today:

1:00 PM -- (Runway) Denis Gagnon
2:00 PM -- LABEL
3:30 PM -- (Runway) SHAN
5:00 PM -- (Runway) Chloe comme Parris
6:00 PM -- (Runway) Korhani Home Rug Runway Show
7:30 PM -- (Runway) Pink Tartan
8:30 PM -- (Runway) Joe Fresh Style
9:30 PM -- (Runway) BUSTLE


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