Thursday, March 31, 2011

Workplace Fab!

So as I sit here at work, trying to figure out ways to add to my fly, I ask myself what more can I add to my everyday workwear. Let's be honest, if you work in a office or the corporate world there is so much you can do to look fashionable. Of course you must have killer shoes, bags, accessories, cute fun dresses, skirts and blazers, but I was thinking I need something to just add a bit more fab! And here it is, Michael Kors’ Very Hollywood Perfume Pen.

The pen just isn't your ordinary fashion pen, as you write coral-coloured scented ink graces your pages of work. And the best part, the ink smells like Kors’s Very Hollywood fragrance, which has accents of mandarin and gardenia. And it's 0o0o0o so cute.

Back in 2009, the pens were so popular they went flying off shelves and due to popular demand they are back in business. The limited-edition pen is on sale now for $25 at all MK boutiques or you can get the, online at

I will be buying one for my mommy and two sisters. So while we are at work we can stay fly! Honestly, I think I can seal any deal or business with this pen.


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