Friday, April 1, 2011

Toronto LG Fashion Week --- Final Day

My favourite words in the fashion world are "It's a Wrap!" and in this case, it is the end to yet another Toronto LG Fashion Week. *tear*

As always, the final day of fashion week is bitter-sweet. Bitter because I have to wait until fall for another great week showcasing Canadian fashions. And sweet because it was just so much fun! Not to mention, today is a really great day for shows at The Heritage Court in Exhibition Place.

Some of Canada's newest, freshest, brightest and most talented young designers will be showing off their fall/winter 2011 collections! There are so many talented designers in one night, my head is spinning in excitement! Not to mention, Jeanne Beker is having a book signing! UBER EXCITED!

Fashion funny story time!!!

I remember one day when I was interning in the CTV building at 299 Queen Street, I was walking through the building on my way to complete some intern task and at the end of the hallway was Jeanne. I really didn't have to walk anywhere towards her direction to go run my errand, but I just had to walk past her or at least close, just to get the essence of one of the best fashion journalist in the world. I fully had butterflies in my belly and my palms were starting to get really sweaty because I was so nervous. It brought me back to a time when the fashion world and Fashion Television were guilty pleasures of mine. I use to be a ball player and ballers never talked about fashion unless it was about big tees, nice kicks and baggy jeans. I use to collect fashion mags and hide them under my bed and secretly watch FT Sunday nights. The way I felt, you would have thought I was meeting the Queen or something. Anyways, as I started to walk towards Jeanne, she started to walk in the opposite direction further down the hall.


**sigh** I wasn't going to continue walking down the hallway and look like a stalker! So I just turned right back around. LOL!!!!!!! Pretty lame, but I was pretty close!

Here's the schedule for the final day of shows. IT'S A WRAP!!!!!

2:00 PM -- OR by Angela Chen
3:30 PM -- Sarah Stevenson
5:00 PM -- diepo
5:30 PM -- Strutting It by Jeanne Beker Book Signing
6:00 PM -- (Runway) Klaxon Howl
7:30 PM -- Anu Raina
8:30 PM -- (Runway) Amanda Lew Kee
9:30 PM -- (Runway) Line Knitwear
10:30 PM -- (Runway) Encore featuring Line Knitwear


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