Friday, April 22, 2011

Gucci Loves Japan!

Happy Good Friday y'all! I hope you enjoy this day.

Gucci has decided to design a limited edition leather strap bracelet in the colours of the Japanese flag in support of relief efforts in Japan. The bracelet retails for $100 and I think it's a very cute and fashionable keepsake. I can't lie I thought the bracelet would be like $300 but its not and it's still affordable. I kind of want one lol I have a thing for hearts and plus it goes towards a good cause! The bracelets will be available at Gucci flagship stores in Japan, Asia, US, and Europs. Check out the close-up below!


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  1. A great gesture Gucci, Japan really needs our help. They keep on getting hit by aftershocks and the nuclear reactor is heading towards a meltdown.

    May all our prayers be with these disaster struck people. May god help them.

    Tiffany @ Religious Bracelets