Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oscar De La Renta S/S 2012 Bridal Collection

Tomorrow is the day the world has been obsessing over for the last few months, KateMiddleton and Prince William are set to tie the knot! It's some what like a fairy tale I mean the Prince is marrying a commoner which I think is cool but I don't like the fact that Prince William doesn't have added security for Kate when she's alone. I also don't like the fact that Prince William has a person who is TRAINED to take a bullet for him during the ceremony if someone wants to assassinate him but he does not have that same protection for Kate. I know he's the prince but she is still the woman 29834897487 million are envying right now I'm sure there are a few crazies who want to ruin her day because they feel they should be married to Prince William.

Anywhoo I try not to get caught up in the whole hoopla of the Royal wedding but I was definitely inspired and I can't help but to showcase these AMAZING wedding dresses from Oscar De La Renta's S/S 2012 collection. The gowns are stunning there are some unconventional gowns for the brides who are risk-takers and more traditional gowns with a modern twist, all in all I love them all. I love weddings and my favourite part is the wedding dress shopping, I mean I've never gone but I assume that would be the best part lol. My favourite show is "Say Yes to The Dress" so you already know I'm in wedding dress frenzy right now. To be honest I don't really care about the wedding I just can't wait to see Kate's dress!!



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