Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AA jeans

Several weeks ago we told you about the launch of American Apparel's new denim collection and now we have the new ads for the women's jean line. Of course, it's typical American Apparel style with all the fashion and nudity you can handle. After all SEX SELLS!!!! And in AA's case, let's just hope the line in a hit. The company is still in some financial hot water, so if the jean line does succeed it might help out a bit.

The ad features a blonde "model" named Candice dawning a pair of the jeans, while topless. Let's just say it's hard to focus on the jeans! But I'll be honest, I don't expect anything more or anything less from the casual luxury brand. I'm actually surprised she's wearing pants! For the ad I had envisioned her totally naked with her jeans either on the floor while she's lays on a bed with her hair all tousled or around her ankles. LOL. WHAT???? A girl can imagine right??

Tell us what you think of the ad and if you'll be buying some AA denim.


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