Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jimmy Choo "Icons"

This year a very special shoe design company is celebrating it's Quinceañera. For those who are not down with the Spanish, that mean 15th birthday! Happy 15th birthday to Jimmy Choo!

The famously fabulous shoe label will be celebrating the milestone by releasing a special "Icon" collection, where 15 of the brands most memorable and legendary shoes will hit stores once again.

The shoes that will be released are a secret, but we know about two special designs that will be coming to a store near you. One is called "The Macy," a black sandal, and the other is called "The Feather." All you "Sex and the City" fans may remember "The Feather" it was featured in an episode of the HBO series. Miss Carrie Bradshaw looses the fabulous shoe during a night on the town.

Some of the shoes will be revamped upon their release, while others will remain in their original form. The shoes range between $850 and $3,785 and will only be sold at Jimmy Choo stores.

Tamara Mellon, designer for Jimmy Choo, said the collection was motivated by stories. These are shoes that have a personal story for me or resonate with the customer,” says Mellon.

In addition to the "iconic" collection, 10% of the collections sales will be donated to the Jimmy Choo foundation that helps other women's charities. I really think it's an honorable thing when large companies donate money to help out others. It's is just very charitable and admirable and shows that they still have a heart. About the charitable donation, Mellon said "I want to tackle tough issues such as sexism, unequal pay, domestic violence and the sex slave trade.”

<3 it. Can't wait to see the rest!! I won't be buying any pairs, since they are a bit to pricey for my pocket, but I will dream!!


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