Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fate of Mr. Dior

The fate of Mr. Dior, well ex Mr. Dior, John Galliano was determined in a Paris courtroom yesterday. In February, Gallaino was arrested for yelling out anti-Semitic remarks at a couple at a Paris bar. On Thursday, he was found guilty of his crime and was fined €17,500, or around $24,600.

Galliano was not present for the verdict, however he was still found guilty for the racist insults he made towards Geraldine Bloch and Philippe Virgiti at La Perle. In France, it is a crime to insult someone based on their race or religion. If Galliano received the maximum sentence for his racist rant he would have had jail time for six months and a fine of €22,500.

Since February the former golden boy of fashion has had a rough road. The 50-year-old lost his job at Dior, a video leaked of him yelling out "I love Hitler", and he went to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse and let's not forget his reputation in the fashion world has gone to shreds!


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