Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liipstik Update!

Hey Liipstik lovers and friends. It's been very busy here at the Liipstik factory and not to mention how busy the fashion world has been. New York City just wrapped up great fashion week with one-of-a-kind designs for spring 2012, which kept our heads our spinning. Now Milan Fashion Week is underway and everyday killer fashions hit the runway.

Of course we can report on our faves during Milan fashion week, but we will just go on and on FOREVER. So instead we're going to chat about the fashions misses and falls! And OOOO the falls!!!!!

Fashion "It Girl" Lindsey Wixson took a fall in Milan during the Versace Spring 2012 show on Friday. The 17-year-old Kansas sweetheart, looked graceful when falling, but later tweeted, “Sprained ankle :(“.

Here's a look at here tumble.

It happens to all the greats, so Lindsey dear consider this as you initiation to the big supermodel league!

Speaking of Versace, while watching the show I got SUPER excited for the Versace collection coming to H&M in the next few months. YAAAA!!! I hope the collection features some similar looks form this Spring 2012 collection. LOVED IT ALL!!!

Check out the video below.


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