Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Trailer

After two years, the fashionably hit series and movie "Sex and the City" is back on the big screen May 27th for "Sex and the City 2." And guess what?? We have the trailer for the film right here!

Words can't even describe how EXCITED I am right now! When I saw the trailer for the film I SCREAMED!!! (You can tell by my excessive CAPS and exclamation mark use. Sorry)

This time, the stylish foursome will be in Abu Dhabi having fun exploring love, life and fashion!! DUH!!!

Carrie. Samantha. Miranda. Charlotte. All back together again. The fashion. The fantasy. The fun. The glitz. The glam. 0o0o man, I'm overwhelmed.

I'm really too excited. On Saturday nights when there is nothing on TV, I just kick back and watch some "Sex and the City." Whether it's the first movie or the entire 94-episode series, it's filled with laughs and tears and I know I'll have a BLAST!

This is definitely a movie to sit back and enjoy with your homegirls, of course in some FAB outfits.

Enough of me blabbing away, enjoy the trailer. I know I will, since I'll be watching it over and over again.


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