Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exclusives -- Vintage Finds for Vogue Russia

My love for vintage is definitely something that I can't express by using one word phrase or picture, The depth of my love cannot be quantified because it exceeds human comprehension lol. THIS story for Vogue Russia was absolutely breathtaking for me, I love the mix between vintage street style and the not so glam surroundings.

My fave shot would have to be where Ranya Mordanova is wearing the dramatic forest green hat leaning on the table, I feel that that shot covered the essence of vintage she looks like such a classic 1920's beauty and I absolutely adore it. This editorial is complete with full skirts, cat eye glasses and fabulous scarves, if I could I would def love to go back in time and collect some goodies, time travel anyone?? More pics below!



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