Friday, May 28, 2010

News -- Natalia Vodianova New Face of Bugaboo(RED)

I love models who have a sense of social responsibility, its not always about striking a hot pose and stepping out in some fab couture, turning heads, breaking hearts and taking names. I always appreciate when a model steps outside her pretty face and uses her supermodel powers for good. Natalia Vodianova is no stranger to helping people who are less fortunate, she is now the face of Bugaboo(RED) a new Product(RED)initiative. The objective of the campaign is to help pregnant women who have HIV.

As a mother of three this campaign is very close to Natalia's heart. She says "the disease is a very smart enemy of the human race and the fact that children are born carrying this enemy makes me feel sick". Kudos to Natalia for being a part of this project, they have already provided medical care for over 18,000 women in Africa to reduce the transmission of the virus to their babies. I hope more models follow in the footsteps of Natalia who also has another charity called the Naked Heart Foundation. For more information on Bugaboo(RED) check out the link below.



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