Friday, May 7, 2010

New Music: Beyonce- Why dont you love me?

Heres a new vid for ya viewing pleasure, miss Bey Bey all day has done it again hit us with another banger written by her lil sister Solange Knowles!! I have loved this song for months so I was super excited when I heard there was a video. "BB Homemaker" is killin em in this one making regular household tasks look so sexy. I love the vintage 1980's grainy feel to the video, the styling was on point and it wasn't over done or too fussy like many of Beyonces videos.

Bey could walk around on rocks the whole vid and I would be like "that was hot", although I'm a lil biased she still gets Liipstiks Seal of Approval, We see you Bey Bey, enjoy the vid under the cut!!



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