Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kiss It or Diss It? -- Air Jordan II Candy Pack

Trick or Treat check my feet, see these new J's made for me!

Halloween is literally around the corner and in the spirit of the season the Jordan brand is releasing some new 2's in red, green and yellow colorways. Now personally I don't think these are halloween colors their more like a Caribana sneaker as apposed to a Halloween one but that's just my opinion. The only ones I can reallly rock with would probably be the green and black joints mainly because green is my fave color, but only if I was playing ball or something. They are definitely not an everyday shoe, but I guess they're not supposed to be cute since they're made to go with a costume. These kicks were supposed to be released a few days before Halloween but Jordan pushed them back to Nov 7th *womp* so much for me rocking them with my goblin fit lol. Check the sneakers below!!



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