Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barbie Goes High Fashion!!

So there is this dope blog dedicated to creating and styling high fashion Barbie's and its been getting a lot of attention from bloggers everywhere. I know it doesn't sound like anything special but these dolls look like real live humans, modeled after actresses, singers and other celebs.

As a child I was a tomboy so basically I was the kid who popped the top of the Barbie's head off and broke apart their limbs. But maybe if I had a fly Barbie like the ones here I would have thought twice about tearing them apart lol.

From these pics it's safe to assume Barbie has definitely got some fly friends in her clique and some stiff competition because these Barbie's are fresh to death. I also LOVE the fact that the Barbie's are of different ethnicity because it shows there isn't one standard of beauty, which is important for young girls to see! Check some of Liipstik faves below!

check the blog here



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