Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I Want For Christmas is ........ Moxy Ivy

"Touch me with a smile of gold, I can't go a day without my sunshine" -- Jay-Z and Foxy Brown "Sunshine" (1997)

So I know it's like -15 outside, but thoughts of warmer weather keep on running through my mind. I just keep on thinking of where to go on my yearly vacation for 2011 and all the cute outfits to buy. And honestly I envision myself with a pair for short-shorts, a cute crop top, and a popsicle rolling around with my puppy on my pair of leopard print Moxy Ivy Rollerskates.

Okay, there is just a problem with that dream. One, I don't have a puppy. Two, I don't have rollerskates. My mother won't allow the puppy, so the easier of the two to attain are the rollerskates. So I WANT THESE FOR CHRISTMAS! The pair I have my eyes on are made by Moxy Ivy and are available at Urban Outfitters

I'm sorry, but these are the CUTEST things I have seen. Out of everything I want for the holidays, these skates TOP the list. Santa, I have been really good this year, hook it up.



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