Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...YOU!!!

Vintage Mariah too me was the best Mariah and her Merry Christmas album was crack! Its like 16years old but the songs get steady play every Christmas. If Mariah Carey decided not to work again the royalties from this Christmas album would be able to support her forever! I loved this video because it was fun, tobogganing, frolicking in the snow with Santa and kicking it with the reindeer all the things I know I really wanted to do when I was younger but couldn't seem to get a hold of Santa to set up a play date. This is one of my favourite Christmas songs isn't it obvious? (Please refer to the "All I want for Christmas" posts) LOL. As Christmas is now 10 days away I want everyone to enjoy this song and appreciate remember Christmas isn't about just presents its about spending time with family and friends as well as celebrating Christ's birth for the people who are religious. Anyways love Mimi's red one piece snowsuit looking like a Ms. Claus in training lol.



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