Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kim's "Bazaar" Transformation

For the March issue of Harper's Bazaar reality star, Kim Kardashian is just more than the cover girl. Inside the publication, she also plays journalist and actually interviews Elizabeth Taylor. Kimmy K also has a spread where she is pays homage to one of Taylor's most iconic movie roles and is dressed up as Cleopatra. The spread is actually called Kleopatra and was photographed by Terry Richardson.

Wonder how well Kim's interviewing skills went with Miss Taylor? The two spoke of how Kim admires Liz, twitter, love and a lot more. Kim asked Liz for some love advice, and Liz told her, "follow your passion, follow your heart, and the things you need will come." Solid adivce from a woman who has had six husbands!

Overally the spread looks fab. Kim is gorg and I love the nostalgic feel of the photos. The hair and makeup is perfect to a "t" and I love the way they took a modern spin on the classic Cleopatra look. I wonder if Kim will steal some of these style tips and transform it into her own style. The Kardashian Kraze continues!!! I wonder if a Vogue cover is in the near future.

To check out more of the interview click here. But for now, chekc out some photos from the spread and a video from the shoot.

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