Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eau de Odom

I've heard of couples who are so connected at the hip that they need to spend every waking minute together and talk on the phone like 30 times a day. It's a little obsessive. I have also heard of girls who like to sleep in their boyfriend's t-shirt because they love the smell of their boo. But I have NEVER heard of couples who are so in love they want to smell like each other. Well, leave it up to the Kardashian clan to make that possible.

Khole and Lamar Odom are one of the first celebrity couples to launch a fragrance together. The happily married couple just released their unisex scent "Unbreakable" just before Valentine's Day.

The scent has hints of sparkling clementine, green apple, Italian bergamot and Asian saffron. It's available at Perfumania's nationwide, just in time to give it to your significant other.

Check out the promo video of the newlyweds half naked, looking 0o0o0 so cute. They look so in love and enjoy each others company. I honestly LOVE Khole and Lamar and I am a fan of anything the pair do. We'll see how successful this fragrance is.

I <3


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