Friday, May 20, 2011

Caribana Crazy with Tribal Knights

Today is such a beautiful day!! And standing outside for 10 minutes made me think of one of my most favourite parts of summer. Caribana!!!!!!

This year the parade happens on July 30th and I am literally counting down the days. Since I was four-years-old I have been going to the parade every year with my uncle, who use to be a soca DJ for one of the bands. I only missed one year when I was six because my mother decided to ship my sisters and I off to Trinidad. Let me tell you, I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was with my great-grandmother and I was crying to her telling her "I'm missing my uncle, mommy and the parade!" Can you tell how important the parade is to my heart? It isn't only because it's so much fun, it's because it's a cultural celebration, where not only Caribbean people celebrate our ethnicity, the whole city does!

Since 19 I have been playing mas every year and this year I will be playing with Tribal Knights'. For Caribana 2011, the band is paying tribute to the "LEGENDS of the World."

My absolute fave section is called "Lost Treasures" and can't you tell why? The section is H-O-T! It's filled with jewels, feathers and is SO UNIQUE. What every girl needs in her life! My absolute favourite thing about the costume is that it steps away from the conventional mas costume of a panty and bra and offers many options. The section features five unique designs; a bandeau, a one strap bandeau, two different styles of body suits and of course a bra. It caters to all women and their different styles. Plus it's CORAL! (Sorry I'm a sucker for coral) And ladies who doesn't love variety? I know I do!!!!!

I hope to see all you guys jumping down the road with me in a few months. Until then, I will be hitting the gym!!!

Check out the site for the costumes,,
and visit the mas camp at 83 Dynamic Dr. in Scarborough to register!

Here are some pictures of the costumes you might see a familiar face. LOL.

Check back in a few weeks and I'll go behind-the-scenes at the Tribal Knights mas camp to show you how the magic is made.


Phone: 647-886-1867

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