Friday, January 14, 2011

Vintage Vibes -- Usher "Nice & Slow"

Usher has been in the music game for a long time before he made it big time and broke into that top 40. He was a teenage R&B heartthrob that loved to show off his abs, rock his stocking cap and sport his "U" chain, all while turning all the girls on with his smooth dance moves.

This throwback brings me back to elementary when Usher was the man! Lol. I loved Nice and Slow when I was a kid and I knew it was a dirty song but at my young age I had no clue what he was talkin' bout, however you better believe I sure acted like I did. As I watch the video now I see one of the flyest ex-models that ever touched the runway and that was Ms Kimora Lee Simmons, she was looking super fab in the video but truth be told I wasn't really checking for her like that back then. I was too busy salivating over Usher and his baby oiled abs lol. Anyways I hope y'all enjoy this video I know I sure did!



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