Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wale "The Break Up Song"

Many would assume that In the spirit of Valentines day I was being a "Negative Nancy" by posting a song about break-ups especially when L-O-V-E is in full circulation. I was inspired to post this video because I've noticed a dramatic increase in the emergence of couples, intense pda, and canoodling. So I asked myself, "Is this something that these couples do everyday and I failed to notice, or are they being influenced by the month of love?". I came across this video by DC rapper Wale and I fell in love, the video took influences from the Indie movie "500 days of Summer", (which I love) and even had Morgan Freeman narrating in the beginning which is DOPE!

"The Break-up Song" video basically holds a mirror up to a relationship and shows the contrast between what a relationship should be like and the actual reality of what the relationship is. I think its perfect because a lot of single folk get depressed around this time thinking everyone is in love when a good portion of them are putting up a front and are actually unhappy. Valentines day or not this happens all the time, its called keeping up appearances. I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade and not saying break-up if your relationship is less than perfect, I want EVERYONE to be happy whether they're single or taken! Just realize sometimes the grass isn't as green on the other side as it seems. Take the song in and enjoy!



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